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SFVM Consumer FAQ

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What is the difference between General Admission, Reserve Room, and Cult Lounge?

General Admission room, you will taste wines priced from $0-$49. Reserve Room you will taste wines priced from $49-99. Cult lounge you will taste wines priced from $99 and up.

What is the difference in General Admission, Reserve Room, and Cult Room tickets?

Aside from the different priced wines, General Admission ticket holders is allowed to enter at the normal tasting times. Reserve Room and Cult Room ticket holders are allowed to enter with trade and media which is 1 hour prior to the tasting.

As a customer, what do I get?

You get a commemorative tasting glass, unlimited tastes from the wineries of your choice, a brochure of all the wineries and layout, a whole lot of FUN!

Can I buy wine at the event and take it home with me?


If I buy some wine at the event, do I have to carry it around all day while I taste?

No, we offer a wine check station at the front of the venue.

What are the event tasting hours?

Saturday: 5-8pm, (trade and media, 4-8pm)

Sunday: 2-5pm, (trade and media, 1-5pm)

Do you give my customer contact information to the wineries?

We do not share customer contact information. But we do encourage you to share your contact information with wineries for offers and deals.

Is parking provided?

Parking is very competitive. (pay by the hour) We really suggest using a driver service like cabs, UBER, or LYFT.

Does my registration include entrance for my staff?

Yes, registration includes four (4) vendor wristbands for your staff. Please contact us if you need more.

How much product will I pour?

We recommend ½ ounces per pour, but cannot tell you exactly how much wine you will pour through.

I have other questions, who can I contact?

Contact: bridget@sfvintnersmarket.com